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Pardon Us ? Just a Self-talk

Q: There are so many amazing natural systems in the universe: both in the cosmos and in a fine grain. DNA, for example. Have they all been created by accident ?

A: Of course not ! There’s got to be a designer.

Q: Is the designer someone just watching over what happen to what he created, from somewhere outer space?

A: Well, many people seem to think so, and in fact we thought so too. But, we now are strongly convinced that HE LOVES US TO DEATH and He really wants to lead and guide us through blessed life.

Q: What makes you so convinced about it?

A: Among all the “How to live your life” manual books, we had been directed to the world’s best seller called the Bible. We decided to believe in what it says, and have been trying our best to live by it, in the meantime, finding out more and more about the LOVING CREATOR, how our relationship with Him is to be built, ACTUALLY EXPERIENCING THE POWER OF THE RELATIONSHIP.  And as a result, now we really can’t even imagine living without Him anymore.

Q: Why, then, so many people try so hard to live without “him”?

A: You got us on that one….a very good question. Maybe…pride?

Q: Isn’t the pride worth keeping?

A: We should all ask ourselves if the pride, including the popular idea to say “believe in yourself”, has done anything to help us run better lives.